Services and Programs

Weight Loss Program: Includes a free face-to-face online monthly consultation and weekly checkup with Dr. Sam via the secure patient portal to evaluate your progress and discuss treatment plans. Enroll Now

  • $100 per month when signing up for an ongoing monthly program. It will renew automatically on a monthly basis unless you cancel. You can cancel by phone or email any time, but we ask that you cancel at least five days prior to the renewal date.
  • $180 for two months
  • $240 for three months

Weight Maintenance Program: $50 per month. Available only to patients who reached their weight loss goal and are interested in maintenance for a few months. This program includes a weekly checkup, but no face-to-face consults. Patients may schedule a face-to-face consultation at any time for ($50 per consult). Enroll Now

Pre Bariatric Surgery Program: $50 per month. We can help patients who require a letter of medical necessity and medical forms to qualify for bariatric surgery and whose surgeon asked them to have a medical weight loss program for three-to-six months prior to surgery. Includes the necessary paperwork, which we will handle for free. The program is similar to the Weight Maintenance Program. Patients must finish a three or six month program, per your insurance company’s requirement. Enroll Now

Post Bariatric Surgery Program: This program is for patients who had bariatric surgery and need additional support to lose more weight or manage weight gain after the weight loss stops. It is similar to our regular Weight Loss Program in treatment structure and pricing. Enroll Now

  • $100 per month when signing up for an ongoing monthly program
  • $180 for two months
  • $240 for three months

Medication: We offer several FDA approved prescription medications that include appetite suppressants and other medications designed to boost your metabolism and treat the obesity disease process based on Dr. Sam’s recommendation. Prices vary between $20-$30 per month.

Additional Services:

  • Protein meal replacement shakes and bars – $2 each
  • Consultations: First consultation is free and monthly face-to-face consults are free with our weight loss program. Any additional face-to-face consultations are $50 each.

You can also sign up for a free consultation or go directly to our shop page to purchase products.